Friday, April 13, 2012

Hosted by Softlayer

So here we are, the newest techstar graduates, being hosted by Softlayer in Dallas, TX.  And yes they're a hosting company, and no i don't mean we have servers there.  Softlayer graciously invited us to their headquarters in Dallas for a tour and a whole lot of entertainment.  This is the second event I've had the privilege of attending by Softlayer.  They're a great group of guys and know how to party.

After a four hour bus ride from San Antonio, we were greated by these fine folks at an upscale club for good food, good drinks, and good people.

In the morning the Softlayer folks gave us a tour of their data centre, which I have to say is the cleanest data center I've ever seen.  Then we heard a few talks, one of which was by one of the co-founders.  Next a few techstar teams gave their pitches and we headed for lunch.

So what's next on the agenda, well we're headed for some go-cart'ing a little later and then a nice bus ride home.  I suspect most of the techstars will be asleep on that ride - exhausted by all of the activities.

Thanks Softlayer!